Release of Government-Funded Seismic Data

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has announced that it has begun the release process for the data arising from the 2015 Government-funded Seismic Programme.

The data is now available through the UKOilandGasData system as a set of data packages comprising the main geophysical data sets and supporting documentation. Data packages less than 20 GB in size may be downloaded, and all data packages are available for order on physical media.

The OGA has decided to release as much of the data as possible, as early as possible. More data remains to be released, and updated versions of certain products may also be published. Notification will be provided within UKOilandGasData when new and updated packages become available.

Malcolm Fleming, CDA’s chief executive, said:
“CDA was set up by industry in 1995 as a collaborative initiative to provide on-line services for the secure storage, controlled sharing and release of UKCS well and seismic data. CDA’s UKOilandGasData portal provides the ideal platform for delivering the OGA seismic data packages to exploration companies and other parties, swiftly and cost-effectively, anywhere in the world.”

Oil & Gas UK also welcomed the release of the data.

The following documentation and guides are available within UKOilandGasData to assist with access to the data:

  • A Getting Started Guide to the system;
  • Advice on the use of the Download Manager to download large packages;
  • The media and handling charges that will apply to order for data on physical media; and
  • A high level description of the content of each data package