CDA Unstructured Data Challenge – 2016

Can you make sense of the documentation describing over 11,000 wells, and 2,000 seismic surveys? Do you have the tools to extract value from the reports, log images, and other unstructured data arising from over 50 years of oil and gas exploration?

If so, the CDA Unstructured Data Challenge may be for you! Over the next three months, CDA is seeking to work with a small number of data and information analytics tool vendors to demonstrate how their tools may be used to enrich one of the world’s largest collections of subsurface oil and gas data.

Through analysis of the documents, images, and other unstructured data arising from a half century of UKCS exploration activity, CDA hopes to achieve two goals:

  • To demonstrate the value that current data and information analytics tools can add to a large corporate collection of unstructured subsurface data, such as the well and seismic data held in; and
  • To support vendors in communicating that value to industry – through case studies, presentations, and articles in industry journals.

To find out more about the CDA Unstructured Data Challenge, please contact Daniel Brown, Manager, CDA Projects, by email at [email protected], or by telephone at +44 20 7802 2463.