OGA 2016 Seismic Programme data released through CDA

Data from the UK Oil & Gas Authority’s 2016 Seismic Programme is now available to download and order on media through CDA’s UKOilandGasData system.

The data comprises approx. 19,000km of newly acquired broadband 2D seismic, gravity and magnetic data in the South West of Britain and East Shetland Platform; over 23,000km of reprocessed proprietary and commercial seismic from these and many other areas around the UKCS; and a range of supplementary information, including released well data and joined logs for 236 wells. Workstation-ready packages are also available in Petrel and OpenWorks formats.

This release continues CDA’s close cooperation with the OGA over the publication of UKCS well and seismic data. Together, the two organisations have now made available under open conditions of use nearly 100Tb of technical data, comprising over 80,000 km of newly acquired or reprocessed 2D seismic; and logs, reports, and other data for over 1,200 wells.

Malcolm Fleming, CDA’s Chief Executive, said: “The significant improvement in the quality and availability of the data over these areas will allow geoscientists to re-evaluate previous interpretations, leading to a re-think of the prospectivity and potential of the petroleum systems in place and reappraisal of discoveries previously thought to be uneconomic, as well as the discovery of new prospects for exploration drilling.”

The data may be accessed through www.ukoilandgasdata.com. Packages less than 20Gb in size may be downloaded free of charge, while larger datasets may be ordered on media.

A list of seismic lines, wells and shape files included in the release may be found in the ‘Overview Material’ data package, downloadable via the OGA ‘2016 Seismic Programme’ tab in UKOilandGasData.

If you have any questions regarding the data release and how to obtain data of interest, please contact [email protected].