Strong Industry Backing for UK National Data Repository

The Oil and Gas Authority has published its response to a consultation on establishing and maintaining the United Kingdom’s first oil and gas National Data Repository (NDR). The NDR, to be launched in early 2019, will initially build upon CDA’s existing UKOilandGasData platform, to preserve, regulate and provide greater access to the country’s collection of valuable petroleum-related information.

The consultation, carried out last year, sought views on establishing and maintaining the NDR, which would be funded through the OGA levy, payable by all offshore petroleum licence holders. The OGA’s response to the consultation, documenting the responses from licensees, trade associations, service providers and academia, shows that it has received significant support from industry to create and fund the NDR through the levy.

To deliver the initial phase of the NDR, the OGA plans to enter into a two year contract with CDA, for the provision of NDR services, based on its existing data store and legacy data collection. In subsequent phases, the OGA will undertake a procurement for new NDR services, with a planned contract award in mid-2020 and service expected to commence in January 2021.

Malcolm Fleming, chief executive of CDA said:

“The effective collection and availability of well, seismic and other petroleum-related information is crucial to unlocking the significant remaining hydrocarbon potential of the UKCS. The UK NDR will play a central role in this and is a natural and very positive development for UKOilandGasData and for CDA. We are pleased that the necessary funding and regulatory mechanisms are being put in place for its sustainable future.”