CDA Launches Videos Highlighting Petroleum Data Management Careers

CDA has launched a series of short videos featuring petroleum data management professionals, aimed at highlighting the diversity and attraction of a career in this discipline.

Petroleum data managers play a crucial role in the industry, supporting cost effective exploration, development, production, and decommissioning of oilfield infrastructure through effective management of data. The videos are part of a CDA’s campaign, supported by industry and academic partners, to establish Petroleum Data Management as a recognised professional discipline.

Daniel Brown, Manager, CDA Projects, said: “These videos connect us to people in Petroleum Data Management roles and describe the opportunities available in this rapidly developing discipline.

“Petroleum Data Management is vital to exploration and production success, increasingly so as organisations create more data than ever and look to new techniques to derive the best value from their data assets. Skilled petroleum data managers have an exciting opportunity to contribute to this process by ensuring that data is accurate, accessible, and of assured technical and legal integrity

“We are grateful to the volunteers who participated and are delighted to be launching this series of short videos with the support of our academic and industry partners.”

Kerry Blinston, New Business Development Director with CGG Smart Data Solutions, and part of the team CDA works with to support education programmes in Petroleum Data Management, said: “With digitalisation increasingly delivering value to oil and gas companies, data management has never been more important.  Creating academic routes into the profession and supporting staff in their career development is critically important to both CGG and our customers.”

Watch the videos