Key Role for CDA in Launch of first UK Oil and Gas National Data Repository

CDA has confirmed a deal with the Oil and Gas Authority to launch the UK’s first National Data Repository for offshore geoscience data.

Scheduled for release in Q1/2019, the heart of the repository will be the collection of technical well and seismic data established by CDA and its industry members over the past 25 years. Users will be able to obtain the majority of the information free of charge, gaining access to one of the largest quantities of geoscience technical data ever made available.

The wealth of data in the repository will give explorers and developers a deeper insight into UKCS geology, helping to encourage exploration by improving the chances of identifying potentially recoverable volumes. Increasing the number of discoveries is critical to assuring the future of the basin, and the role of data, and those experienced in interpreting it, are recognised as playing an increasingly important part in this effort.

CDA’s Chief Executive, Malcolm Fleming said, “For 25 years, CDA has been collaborating with industry to establish this unique collection of UKCS well and seismic information. We are delighted to be able to put this collection at the centre of the National Data Repository, for sharing between licensees and for disclosure to all under open licence conditions. The NDR will ensure use of the broadest range of information in the search for oil and gas, an activity for which access to extensive top quality data is key.

“The Repository is expected to provide an invaluable resource to technology innovators looking to apply new machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to the demanding task of locating oil and gas deposits deep in the subsurface.

“Critically, the National Data Repository supports the Oil and Gas Authority’s mission to ensure geoscience information is preserved and is shared for the benefit of all stakeholders in the UKCS, in line with a key recommendation of the Wood Review.”

CDA’s contract with the Oil and Gas Authority builds on CDA’s 25 year history of collaborating with industry to collect, preserve, and share the data arising from offshore wells and seismic surveys.

More information can be found on the OGA’s website.