Rethinking IT and Cyber in a post-lockdown world

Lockdown has transformed most people’s experience of working within the oil and gas industry. IT teams have been critical in enabling a broader shift to home working, and long-standing barriers to digital adoption have melted away in the need to keep businesses running. At the same time, cyber teams continue to protect us from any new opportunities for cyber-crime.

How do we build on the digital momentum created by the experiences of lockdown? And how do we make the most of the new ways of working that have appeared for people working remotely, both from home and offshore? Join us for an OGUK Webinar to hear about the role IT and cyber have played in keeping our industry running during lockdown, and what the longer-term impact may be.

Speakers from the following companies: Microsoft, Repsol, Wood, Premier Oil and more

  • Gain valuable insights from industry experts, with advice on how to shape your business strategies for an increasingly digital age
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities facing your remote-working teams
  • Connect with peers and identify potential business solutions for your organisation

Date: 29 July

Time: 3-4.30pm

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