Building Digital Maturity in Oil and Gas – 2020 Insights and 2021 Plans

OGUK, TLB, OGTC and ONE launched the first ever UKCS Data and Digital Maturity Survey in 2020. So what happens next? How should industry turn the findings of that survey into actions? What should be oil and gas digital priorities for 2021 onwards? Join us for a free online webinar on Thursday 4 March from 14:30 to hear about the progress made since the survey was launched, and to share your thoughts on what next.

In this free 90-minute event, OGUK, TLB, OGTC and ONE will share insights gained from detailed operator and supply chain engagements following on from the survey, programmes to build digital fluency and entrepreneurship within oil and gas, and set aspirations for a more digitalised industry benefitting from advances in everything from data and digital infrastructure through to robotics and autonomous systems. The panel will examine the path to greater data and digital proficiency, supporting a critical UK industrial sector and its ongoing transition towards net-zero.

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