Board of Directors

The CDA Board meets twice a year and comprises:

  • Oil & Gas UK Chief Executive;
  • Oil & Gas UK Operations Optimisation Manager;
  • Oil & Gas UK Finance & Corporate Services Director;
  • CDA Chief Executive;
  • Oil & Gas UK Exploration Representative;
  • Oil & Gas UK Production Representative;
  • Oil & Gas UK Decommissioning Representative;
  • Oil & Gas UK IM Technology Representative; and
  • 4 CDA Council Representatives.

 CDA Member’s Council

Each full CDA Member company (all of which must be UKCS licensees) is entitled to place a representative on the CDA Council. These members elect a chair from amongst their number, a post currently filled by Greig Henderson of Centrica.

The Council meets quarterly and its role is principally to:

  • Actively promote CDA and CDA’s services;
  • Promote CDA with industry in general;
  • Monitor the performance of CDA;
  • Review plans put forward by the Chief Executive;
  • Participate in the formulation of company strategy;
  • Assist with the development of new initiatives;
  • Formulate recommendations for the CDA Board; and
  • Implement Board decisions.


28 Nov 2017