CDA’s Competency Management System Enhancement Announcement

Common Data Access Limited (CDA) is proud to announce some exciting new enhancements to the E&P Petroleum Data Management Competency Management System.

The system now enables you to map job profiles to Well and Seismic data management competency matrices – of particular use in recruitment, and in identifying areas for professional development towards target job roles.

Please note that this new functionality is only available to CDA members (based on email domain). If you can’t see this feature but think you should be able to then please check the email domain you used to register (must be your work email address) or email [email protected]

The CMS also enables you to invite specific individuals to view your profile – ideal when job hunting or when benchmarking your profile against your data management team.

Other changes include newly cleaned up ‘Help’ and ‘About’ sections, and a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area – all conveniently found under the ‘Help’ tab.

03 Feb 2015
Actis Oil and Gas Limited – New Member!

It give us great pleasure to announce that Actis Oil and Gas has recently joined CDA as a Well and Seismic Associate Member. A very warm welcome to them.

06 Jan 2015
New Unified System Provides Gateway to Streamline Access to Subsurface Data

Common Data Access (CDA), the Oil & Gas UK subsidiary responsible for managing and providing the subsurface data which underpins the industry’s exploration and production activities on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), is today (November 5) streamlining access to its services by launching The new interface provides users with a single gateway to all the information previously sourced separately from DEAL, (Digital Energy Atlas and Library) the online resource for information and data on the UKCS, and from CDA’s Well and Seismic DataStores.

Malcolm Fleming, CDA’s chief executive, said: “The decision to unify the DataStore and DEAL systems into one web portal,, has been made to give industry the best and most comprehensive tool for sourcing quality information that contributes to their understanding of the subsurface. It is designed to deliver faster and therefore more cost-effective access to quality data on UKCS wells, seismic surveys, production licences and infrastructure. This is all the more important as the industry sharpens its focus to ensure that the maturing basin of the UKCS continues to be productive beyond 2050.

“Independent research has shown that a greater understanding of subsurface data permits companies to describe more accurately the oil and gas resource in place and to identify more successfully the means to recover it, thereby increasing the value of their assets. By introducing a step change in the delivery of data services, our aim is to help companies reduce geological uncertainty to reduce development risk and increase their chances of exploration or production success.”

Existing users of DEAL, the CDA Well DataStore and the Seismic DataStore who normally log-in via or will now need to use the new URL – The link to the website is here

Further information on the unified service is available from CDA at [email protected]

05 Nov 2014
Malcolm Fleming – Secondment

The CDA board of directors has agreed to second Malcolm Fleming (CDA Chief Executive) to DECC on a three days per week basis for a period of seven months commencing on 27th October 2014. Malcolm will report directly to Simon Toole in DECC and will review, consult and perform analysis as necessary to prepare a strategic plan for subsurface and related data. Malcolm will be consulting widely with industry to gather information, opinions and ideas for this assignment – another example of industry working collaboratively with DECC in the wake of the Wood Report.

03 Nov 2014
Dolphin – New CDA Member

We are proud to announce that Dolphin Geophysical Limited have joined CDA as Well Associate Members; a warm welcome to them.

16 Jun 2014
MOL – New Member

It is with great please we announce that MOL are the latest Full Members to join CDA as a Well and Seismic participant.

16 May 2014
3 New Full Members join CDA – March 2014

CDA is proud to announce 3 new Full Members joined early March 2014 with different classes of membership. A very warm welcome to Third Energy Offshore Limited, Oyster Petroleum Limited and Strike Oil Limited.

14 Mar 2014