Role of CDA

The CDA/OGA ‘Deed’

CDA has executed a Deed with OGA by which licensees who store their Licence Data with CDA and who entitle such Licence Data to OGA are deemed to meet their obligations under the Model Clauses for as long as they remain participants in CDA.

The Deed also enables OGA’s Well Data Release Agents to obtain the well data they need from CDA (where licensees are CDA members) for the purpose of preparing data release products.  Where such data is available from CDA the Data Release Agents must obtain data from CDA and not approach the licensees themselves.

CDA and the UKCS National Data Repository (NDR)

The NDR for the UK Continental Shelf promotes and facilitates the exploitation of national hydrocarbon resources through the collection, storage and dissemination of reliable geoscientific data related to oil and gas exploration and production activities.

The UKCS NDR is based upon a distributed model which relies on a network of commercial and other agreements that has evolved into an effective private/public partnership.  CDA’s contribution as a strategic partner for OGA and its agents is very significant to this arrangement.  Set within the context of important initiatives on data management standards and good practice, the UKOilandGasData website is a central and vital component of the UKCS NDR, contributing towards the sustained competitiveness of the UKCS.

22 Sep 2015