Our Services

Information Management Services

The loss of UKOilandGasData as a collaborative member service makes it strategically important for CDA to deliver other services which engage and provide value to former and new stakeholders.  In most cases, these services build on services that CDA has in the past delivered alongside UKOilandGasData.

Forums and Networks

Engagement with stakeholders is crucial to delivering the Information Management Services that are most valuable and relevant to industry.  Between them, the Information and Samples Coordinators’ Forum (ISC Forum), and the new IM Forum build on the scope which previously fell to the CDA Council.

UK National Data Repository

The OGA’s Information Management Strategy includes the establishment of a National Data Repository (NDR) for seaward petroleum-related information.

Professional Development

CDA is championing petroleum data management in the UK through initiatives such as the drive for professional recognition for petroleum data managers, hosting seminars and workshops, working with universities, and other work described on this site.

20 Feb 2019