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Well Data Collection

The UKOilandGasData Well collection was launched in 1995 and now comprises more than 400,000 files of digital information for some 10,000 UKCS wellbores.  Downloads of well reports and logs exceed three-quarters of a million items a year.  More than 500 active users from 55 participating production licensees can download entitled data at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Seismic Data Collection

The Seismic collection on UKOilandGasData was launched in late 2009 and holds post-stack and support data for more than 1,100 released 2D and 3D surveys. A total of 15 TB of downloads are forecasted for 2011 and demand is expected to increase in anticipation of the 27th Offshore Licensing Round due to be announced early in 2012.  CDA has now also started to add seismic field data and is examining the feasibility of including site survey data too.


The UKOilandGasData website provides up-to-date details of all wells, platforms, pipelines and seismic surveys on the UKCS and links the user to various public and private sources of information for these features. The information about UKCS surface and subsea infrastructure is made available to fishermen for use on their on-board plotters and is vitally important in the prevention of accidents and damage to equipment.

Professional Development

CDA is championing petroleum data management in the UK through initiatives such as the drive for professional recognition for petroleum data managers, hosting seminars and workshops, working with universities, and other work described on this site.

22 Sep 2015