Professional recruitment, performance evaluation, and career development depend on descriptions and assessments of competency which are structured, consistent, and transferable. To address the lack of means to assess petroleum data management competencies, CDA led an industry project in 2013 to compile detailed competency descriptions, working with industry participants as part of a broader programme of professionalisation.

Since then, data analytics and data science have emerged as important sources of value, bringing a whole new perspective to the importance of trusted data as a foundational element of standardised, automated processes. The industry has also seen a growing focus on balancing domestic energy security with the transition to a lower carbon economy, further augmenting the value of data and the need for reliable data exchange and interoperability across domains and data platforms. Modern data and digital techniques have featured prominently as a way of generating both incremental and transformational improvements across the industry, further highlighting the need for effective data management and the role of data professionals.

Exploratory work is now underway to reevaluate the industry’s capability requirements in data management, and articulate the current role and competencies of data professionals in minimising data risk and enhancing data value.

Feedback and contributions by industry participants are welcome, and can be directed to [email protected]

06 Feb 2019