Professional recruitment, performance evaluation, and career development depend on descriptions and assessments of competency which are structured, consistent, and transferable. To address the lack of means to assess petroleum data management competencies, CDA led an industry project to compile detailed competency descriptions, working with industry participants as part of a broader programme of professionalisation. This initiative promotes industry recognition of the vital contribution that petroleum data managers make to the success of exploration and production activities.

CDA Competency Management System

The competencies were compiled and described as a matrix of minimum competencies expected, in increasing degrees of ability and experience. This information is presented in the form of an online Competency Management System. It provides an indispensable reference tool for organisations and individuals to measure petroleum data management competency in a recognised, consistent way. Applicable to current practitioners and new entrants alike, it supports individual career development planning as well as organisational recruitment activities.

Within the system, data managers build their individual profile by assessing their level of competence against the competencies defined. Individuals can also attach evidence to each competency level selected in their profile. Having completed their assessment, individuals can download their current profile as a PDF, and can continue to update their online profile as they progress. There is also an optional step of having competency levels verified by a nominated individual, providing further support and assurance of the profile assessment.


The CDA Competency Management System is freely available at

Further information for users is also available: Competency Management System – Information for Users.

06 Feb 2019