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A Professional Society for E&P Data Management: Report on an Online Survey

As part of efforts to professionalise PDM, CDA undertook to survey the data management community in order to:

– assess opinion regarding a professional society for petroleum data managers

– understand the current demographics of the data management community

The online survey was launched on 1st May 2013, and responses as at 4th June 2013 were collated, analysed and presented as a report.

There were 407 participants,  located worldwide, with 50% from the UK. One of the key findings is that participants were very much in support of the formation of a professional society for data managers, and were of the belief that this will lift the discipline from its presently undervalued position within the industry. There was also keen interest in a variety of Society-run activities; individuals newer to data management desired support and development opportunities, while those with more experience expressed a preference for opportunities to formulate and endorse their skills and experience.

The report is available below. We would appreciate your observations and feedback, and invite you to submit them to [email protected]

Society Survey Report (PDF)

Launch of Society for Petroleum Data Managers

The Society for Petroleum Data Managers (SPDM) was launched at the ECIM Conference in Haugesund in September 2018.

The Society has been jointly founded by CDA and ECIM to provide a community for individuals involved in Petroleum Data Management, through member-driven services in support of lifelong learning, advanced knowledge, and career development. Currently led by an interim Board, the Society aims to recruit members and hold its first elections in Q3/2019 to establish a fully elected Board. All individuals with an interest in Petroleum Data Management are invited to register their interest.

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06 Feb 2019