Information Management

The loss of UKOilandGasData as a collaborative member service makes it strategically important for CDA to deliver other services which engage and provide value to former and new stakeholders.  In most cases, these services build on services that CDA has in the past delivered alongside UKOilandGasData.

The Information Management Services that CDA will deliver in 2019 can be described in the following general terms:

Regulatory Interface

Act in the interests of industry to improve and implement the laws, regulations and associated guidance documents for the retention, reporting and disclosure of petroleum-related information and samples in a practical and effective manner.

Collaborative Services and Projects

Identify, facilitate and implement processes and projects at a range of scales that deliver efficiencies, economies and added-value to stakeholders through active cooperation in the management and sharing of data, information and knowledge relevant to the full range of E&P activities on the UKCS.

Technology and Innovation

Work with other industry groups to apply technologies such as data analytics and machine-learning to innovate and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IM systems to the benefit of industry.

Standards and Good Practices

Adopt and support the creation, adoption and maintenance of practical standards applicable to the use and management of petroleum-related data, documents, information and samples throughout their life time.

Publications and Communications

Publish informative and progressive material, and make presentations at relevant events in support of petroleum data and information management and its contribution to the success of the industry.


Energetically and conspicuously advocate and support petroleum data management as a discipline and promote its contribution towards delivering material organisational value.

International Activities

Cooperate with other jurisdictions, associations and other industry bodies outside the UK in the management of information and samples for mutual benefit.

13 Feb 2019