Seismic Data Collection

CDA holds a growing collection of information for more than 1,250 2D and 3D UKCS surveys.  Files can be downloaded over the Internet or taken on a range of modern media by users affiliated with participating member companies.  The public (‘Third Parties’) may licence released post-stack seismic data on media (as provided for under the joint OGA/Oil & Gas UK Seismic Data Release Guidelines).

Seismic Data Types Available

The following seismic data types are included within the scope:

Post-stack Seismic Trace Data: submitted and stored as digital SEG-Y format files.

Seismic Velocity Data: held as digital Esso V2, Shell V5, Shell V6, ASCII or sometimes as SEG-Y format.

Post-processed 2D Navigation Data: in OGP P1/78, P1/84 or most commonly as P1/90 format.

Post-processed 3D Navigation Data: in OGP P6/98 format.

Reports: Scanned images or native digital image files of seismic and navigation acquisition and processing reports as PDFs (or occasionally as TIFFs).

Seismic Sections: Scanned images of seismic sections in either TIFF4 or JPEG format according to display type.

Services for Participants

CDA provides the following services to participants:

  1. Secure and confidential ‘evergreen’ storage;
  2. Compliance with OGA’s regulations for the retention and provision of seismic data (licence ‘records’);
  3. Data distribution to partners by operators; and
  4. Access to released post-stack seismic data (over the network for requests <5GB)

Services for Third Parties

Released post-stack seismic data is available to any bona fide external user (‘Third Party’). In this case however the data is only available on media (IBM 3590, IBM 3592 or portable hard drive) and is subject to execution of a data licence in the form prescribed in the DECC/Oil & Gas UK Seismic Data Release Guidelines.

There is a price list for Third Parties on the UKOilandGasData website.

Development Initiatives

CDA now accepts seismic field data from participants. Data is accepted on any medium and is transcribed in duplicate to modern media (IBM 3592). Data is then made available (according to entitlement) and to all Seismic data collection participants where it relates to released surveys.

CDA is working with BG Group, BP, Nexen, Shell, BGS and DECC to explore the feasibility of adding defined sets of site survey data to the Seismic Data Collection.

22 Sep 2015