UKOilandGasData ( was launched in November 2013 as part of a continuous programme of measures initiated by PILOT to promote and facilitate access to data and information relevant to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons on the UKCS.  UKOilandGasData has been evolved to incorporate both the public information that was displayed in DEAL together with data previously held in the CDA Well and Seismic DataStores.

UKOilandGasData & Functions

UKOilandGasData is an online resource of information that supports oil and gas business activities.  UKOilandGasData is a registerof metadata (including spatial information) about UKCS wells, seismic surveys, licences and infrastructure.  UKOilandGasData provides a comprehensive directory of released UKCS well and seismic data available and promotes the UKCS by making information about investment opportunities (licenses, infrastructure and assets) widely available.

UKCS Licensees must use UKOilandGasData for certain aspects of regulatory reporting such as well and survey header verification.

Information about suspended wells, pipeline freespans and other potential hazards is collected for UKOilandGasData by CDA and is made available to fishermen under the FishSafe programme to promote safe fishing.

UKOilandGasData Users

Users from a wide range of organisations are regular visitors to the UKOilandGasData website: academic institutions; consultants; current UKCS operators and licensees; prospective UKCS licensees; data vendors; banks and financial institutions; government and government agencies; legal firms; oil service companies; publishing companies; seismic spec companies; and the general public.

The UKOilandGasData user community comprises several classes each with different privileges. The website discriminates between these different user classes to present only that data and functionality to which each is entitled.


Much of the data in UKOilandGasData is available to the public free-of-charge.  Users can gain additional advantages by subscribing to UKOilandGasData.

22 Sep 2015