The OGA’s Information Management Strategy includes the establishment of a National Data Repository (NDR) for seaward petroleum-related information.

Creation of the NDR addresses industry and regulatory needs, including:

  • Ensuring enduring regulatory access to critical petroleum-related information and samples
  • Enabling the retention and reporting obligations of relevant persons to be discharged
  • The disclosure of petroleum-related information by the OGA
  • Facilitating collaborative data interchange between relevant persons, the broader oil and gas industry, academia, and the regulator to encourage economic activity thereby contributing to MER UK
  • Ensuring that maximum value is derived from petroleum-related information by ensuring the widest possible transparent access to the NDR

CDA operated the UK NDR on behalf of the OGA from its creation in February 2019 to June 2021.

Regulatory Functions

Within the OGA, the NDR delivers services in five functional areas:

  • Reducing the risk of permanent loss of critical petroleum-related information by enabling it to be stored by the OGA, rather than by a relevant person
  • To enable monitoring of compliance with information and samples regulations and guidance by relevant persons as they report petroleum-related information to the OGA
  • To receive and quality check petroleum-related information from relevant persons
  • To enable confidential access to petroleum-related information by the regulator and its appointed agents, in support of regulatory and technical activities
  • Once confidentiality periods have expired, to be able to disclose petroleum-related information to interested parties in support of MER UK at the discretion of the OGA


Industry Functions

For industry, the NDR also brings benefits to relevant persons in support of broader industry goals relating to improved cost and work efficiency

  • To minimise the burden on industry to retain, in perpetuity, petroleum-related information by discharging this obligation, by submission to the OGA via the NDR
  • To facilitate the distribution, sharing and transfer of petroleum-related information within and between industry groups (for example, within a joint venture, or in support of merger and acquisition activity for cost-efficiency reasons and in general support of MER UK Strategy)
  • To facilitate the transfer and reporting of petroleum-related information through information and samples plans


The Operating Model

The NDR is:

  • Funded by the levy on licence holders, with some transparent charges for transactional services;
  • Governed by the OGA with industry representation to guide decision-making and service provision via the NDR Advisory Committee
  • Used to publish data as transparently as possible under OGA licence terms Accessed by non-levy payers without charge, subject to rules on fair usage and with transparent transactional charges being made by the NDR contract manager for some services


20 Feb 2019