Well Data Collection

CDA holds a collection of various types of digital well information for more than 11,500 UKCS wells and a handful of wells on the Faeroe Islands continental shelf. Data can be browsed and downloaded over the Internet by users affiliated with participating member companies from anywhere in the world. It is not available to the public.

Well Data Types Available

The following well data types are available:

Raw Digital Well Logs: stored in the original format recorded by the logging contractor such as LIS, DLIS or BIT. They are the definitive raw archive set of this data and may contain many individual curves.

Joined Digital Well Logs: digital logs compiled from curves that have been spliced, environmentally corrected and joined to provide a quick-look digital log for use in a workstation or petrophysical application.

Well Reports and Well Logs: scanned images or native digital files held as well report images and well log images.

Digital Well Deviation Data: stored as a digital, machine readable files with geodetic and calibration information in the file header. The recommended format for this data type is P7/2000.

Borehole Seismic Data: VSP data held in SEG-Y format or in some cases as ASCII files.

Digital Data Files: digital well core analysis data (SCAL and CCA), digital seismic data (checkshots) and digital well test data (DST results for example).

Entitlement to the Data Held

Participants can download data to which they have an agreed form of entitlement. The list below describes the most common reasons for entitlement:

  • The entitled party is the current well operator (the ‘Well Owner’). Only the Data Owner can set entitlement to other parties.
  • The entitled party is the Data Owner but not necessarily also the current well operator (this can occur in certain instances at well-level and for some data licensors).
  • The entitled party is a partner in the well to which the entitled data belongs.
  • The entitled party is the operator or partner in a well trade against the well to which the entitled data belongs.
  • The entitled party (or CDA) has purchased a licence to use a defined data set supplied by a data vendor.
  • The entitled party is a Well Data Release Agent appointed by OGA.
  • The well has reached its sharing date and all members who belong to the group of CDA Shared companies will receive entitlement to certain data items and data types.

Some of these entitlements must be set explicitly by the Data Owner whilst others are set automatically according to agreed business rules (entitlement to Shared Data for example).

22 Sep 2015