Forums and Networks

Engagement with stakeholders is crucial to delivering the Information Management Services that are most valuable and relevant to industry.  Between them, the Information and Samples Coordinators’ Forum (ISC Forum), the NDR Advisory Committee and the new IM Forum will pick up and build on the scope which previously fell to the CDA Council.

IM Forum

CDA is forming a new industry forum for Information Management.

The scope of the forum will include all technical data, documents and other forms of information across the entire E&P life cycle and will be open to participants from all Oil & Gas UK member organisations, the OGA and selected other relevant organisations.

ISC Forum

The Information and Samples Coordinators’ Forum provides advise and support to industry regarding the regulations for information and samples, including:

  • Developing and sharing good practice around the provisions of Chapter 3 of the Energy Act 2016 and the equivalent provisions of the Petroleum Act 1998, including retention, reporting, preparation of Information and Samples Plans (ISPs) and the role of information and samples coordinators (ISCs)
  • Challenging the OGA to amend relevant legislation and regulations as necessary
  • Supporting and challenging the OGA to improve, simplify and amend guidance related to the regulations
  • Supporting compliance with the regulations through the development and adoption of relevant industry standards and best practices
  • Identifying collaborative measures that can be taken to improve the efficiency and performance of regulatory compliance activities
  • Specifying and introducing standard contract terms for the form and manner of information and samples to be delivered to licensees by contractors
  • Education and training in regulatory compliance for petroleum-related information and samples


Attendance at meetings is restricted to recognised Information and Samples Coordinators and their delegated nominees, however the OGA, the BGS and selected others are also welcomed.

20 Feb 2019