Leading Collaboration

in E&P data management best practice and shared services in the UKCS

Common Data Access Limited (CDA) is a not-for-profit subsidiary of Oil & Gas UK, set up in 1995 to provide data management services to the UK oil industry.

CDA's mission is to work with industry and regulators to identify and deliver efficiencies, economies and added value through active cooperation in the management and sharing of data, information and knowledge relevant to the full range of E&P activities on the UKCS.
Our values and behaviours centre on energetic leadership to fulfil this mission, through the widest possible cooperation between oil companies, service companies, academia and regulators in a professional and effective way. Moreover, CDA and its employees will be strong advocates for petroleum data management as a discipline and for its contribution towards delivering material organisational value.

CDA and the UK NDR

CDA operates the UK NDR on behalf of the OGA. The NDR provides several important benefits for industry in addition to the regulatory reporting and disclosure functions.

NDR Advisory Committee

CDA leads industry representation on the NDR Advisory Committee.


Lockdown has transformed most people‚Äôs experience of working within the oil and gas industry. IT teams have been critical in enabling a broader shift to home working, and long-standing barriers to digital adoption have melted away in the need to keep businesses running. At the same time, cyber teams continue to protect us from any […]

14 Jul 2020

OGUK is pleased to release the latest version of its Guidelines: Best Practice for Managing Information at the Time of Asset Sales. Fully refreshed to account for recent changes in UK law, the guidance covers both high level principles and detailed best practice for how oil and gas companies working in the UK should approach […]

08 Jun 2020