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CDA has developed and published the following documents:

Retention of Information after Asset Decommissioning

The following documents are available, please click on the links below:


The standards that CDA adopts or in some cases develops are governed by an ad hoc Standards Sub-Committee which is co-chaired by CDA’s Well Data Manager and the Seismic Data Manager.  The work of the Standards Sub-committee is subject to approval by the CDA Council.

The Standards Sub-committee takes account of de facto industry standards, prescribed regulatory standardsand recognised good practice.

A list of CDA’s current standards can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

CS-1 Company Names (Aug 2005)

CS-2 Well Names (May 2009)

CS-3 Well Log Curve Naming (Apr 2006)

CS-5 Curve Joining Standard (Aug 2010)

CS-6 Image Formats for Well Data (July 2006)

CS-8 Hardcopy Cataloguing (Aug 2005)

CS-9 Seismic Surveys (Sept 2009)

CS-9 Seismic Naming Appendix (Feb 2018)

CS-16 Well Deviation Data (Aug 2005)

CS-17 CDA Scanning Standard (Jan 2014)

Further Documents

The following documents are also available, please click on the links below:

NDR Models

Seismic Data Release Guidelines (Final)

UKCS Petroleum & Exploration Licensing Arrangements and Regulation (2006)

Exploration Data Disposal Handbook (2004)

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