Professionalising E&P Data Management

There is no recognised structure for either accrediting or assessing the competency of the estimated 250 to 1,000 E&P data management specialists working in the UK.  Career development, recruitment and performance evaluation are consequently compromised, perhaps seriously.  CDA is taking a global lead in this area and is actively working with Norwegian and North American organisations towards professionalisation of this important discipline.

Working with selected oil companies, service companies and organisations in Norway and Canada, CDA is leading an initiative to draw up a universal ‘competency map’ for E&P Data Managers. The map will describe the core skills required of E&P Data Managers and will define the minimum competencies expected against a matrix of increasing degrees of ability and experience. Once completed, the map will be an indispensible reference tool for measuring, in a uniform and standardised way, the competency of E&P Data Managers.  It will also be used to plan career development and education and to recruit new entrants and mid-career data managers into the profession. Crucially, the competency map will in the future also provide the foundation for independent accreditation of E&P Data Management professionals by a certifying authority.

Data Managers receive far too little recognition for the very important contribution they make to the success of exploration and production activities.  It’s time that Data Managers are given the credit they deserve and this initiative into competency mapping is the beginning of this process.

Competency Management System

CDA has worked closely with Data Managers from Oil Companies and Service Contractors in Europe to complete a detailed description of domain competencies as part of a broader programme to professionalise Petroleum Data Management.

This site provides Data Managers with the opportunity to build their own competency profile by assessing their own level of competence against the competencies defined. Data Managers can add evidence to each competency level that they claim.

Having assessed their competency levels users can download their profile as a PDF which can be used for career development planning.

Data Managers may choose an additional step of having their competency levels verified by an individual who knows them and who has agreed to perform the verification. Whilst verification is an optional step, the additional scrutiny from a third-party provides future assurance to the assessment.

The Competency Management System is now on-line, and freely available at:

Further information for users on the background and purpose of the system is also available: PDM Competency Management System – Information for Participants.

28 Sep 2015