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OGUK Seminar – The Reality of Digital Transformation (14 November 2019)

Digitalisation and advanced data analytics have become the ‘new normal’ of the oil and gas industry.

The vision of the last few years is now the reality on the ground. Data and digital professionals are being required to work differently, to use new kinds of tools, and increasingly to change how they think of data and data management – at a pace of change perhaps not seen for a long time, if ever, in this discipline. This event will shine a spotlight on how we must adapt to an increasingly agile world ensuring the opportunity to survive and thrive in this sea of challenge and change.

This seminar is supported by the Society of Petroleum Data Managers (SPDM) and CDA

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CDA Open Industry Workshop: Addressing the Information Legacy of an Offshore Asset

Nearly 70 attendees, across operators, the supply chain and academia, gathered at a CDA workshop in Aberdeen in March to discuss issues and solutions around managing the legacy of information remaining after an offshore asset has been decommissioned. Three excellent presentations were given. The first, from the operators’ perspective, described the challenges and approach taken by the Shell Brent team thus far. The second was a legal perspective from the University of Aberdeen’s School of Law, and their experience in creating an industry records retention schedule around decommissioning. The third presentation drew parallels with the nuclear decommissioning industry, highlighting the opportunities for synergies and shared learning between both industries.

Delegates actively participated in identifying priorities and solutions for dealing with these issues, reflecting a demand for increasing collaboration on information management strategies for producing assets, and strong support for CDA to lead a cross-industry group to take these themes forward. Workshop proceedings and slides are available for download.

Workshop Proceedings

Workshop Slides

If you would like to be involved in the forthcoming working group, please contact Daniel Brown.


CDA Annual Members’ Workshop: Data Management in Industry 4.0

CDA held its Annual Members’ Workshop on Wednesday 1st November 2017, on the theme of automation and data science advances and the resulting impact and opportunities for Data Management (DM).

Delegates heard from the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), The DataLab, Shell, and BP, about how automation and data science are increasingly becoming part of routine operations across the industry, and on approaches to integrate this with DM processes. Attendees also participated in discussions on the future of DM and its value, as well as its evolving roles and skills in view of the changing technology environment.

Proceedings of the workshop are available on request by email to [email protected].


CDA & ECIM Joint Workshop: Digital Dividends from Subsurface Data – Data Science meets the Unstructured Data Challenge

In November 2016 over 70 delegates attended CDA and ECIM’s joint workshop on the application of modern data science and analytical techniques to sub-surface data. Delegates heard from the nine participants of CDA’s first Unstructured Data Challenge, each sharing the results of their work on the same 3.5 TB of sub-surface data made available to them (in confidence) over the summer of 2016.

The results were remarkable, beginning with insights into how to deal with the issues encountered in processing the many types and formats of data and documents acquired over 50 years of UKCS exploration activity, and moving on to show real examples of the value that can be unlocked once data and documents are analytics-ready. Participants presented on a wide variety of data science techniques to address fundamental data management issues and derive valuable insight from datasets, including machine learning, linguistic analysis, and combinations of techniques to create unique data science workflows.

Proceedings of the workshop are available for download

For more information on the Unstructured Data Challenge, and the outcomes presented in this workshop, please contact Daniel Brown.


CDA Annual Members’ Workshop: Ready for the Regulations? Get Set for 2017

CDA held its Annual Members’ Workshop on Tuesday 1st November 2016, focusing on the new Energy Act 2016 and the resulting changes it brings to data management.

Delegates heard presentations on opportunities for data management within the Energy Act 2016, and the OGA’s plans for IM in the next year. There were also productive discussions on influencing and preparing for the new regulations to be derived from the Act, as well as more general discussion around innovation and development opportunities in data management.

Proceedings of the workshop are available on request by email to [email protected].


CDA & ECIM Joint Workshop: Improving Industry Efficiency – Real Opportunities from Data and Analytics

Data management leaders gathered in Aberdeen on 10th February 2016 for the second joint ECIM / CDA workshop, investigating the role new data science and analytics techniques can play in increasing the profitability of the North Sea oil industry.

Steve Harrison of Scottish Enterprise got the workshop started with a thought-provoking and challenging overview of the value reaped in other industries from the creative application of data science and analytics, setting the scene for presentations from industry experts from Maersk Oil, EMC, Tessella, CGG, and Teradata on progress that has already been made towards reducing downtime, increasing productivity and improving decision-making in oil and gas.

Malcolm Fleming, Chief Executive of CDA, said: “Data science and analytics techniques have been shown in other industries to dramatically reduce costs and to increase work efficiency. Now, we must take these techniques and apply them in the North Sea, so that lifting costs and overheads may structurally be reduced and marginal fields returned to profitability, leading to a brighter future for oil and gas in the UK.”

Proceedings of the workshop are available for download


CDA Annual Members’ Workshop: Energy Bill 2015/16 – Context and Consequences for Data Managers

CDA held its Annual Members’ Workshop on Monday 16th November 2015, on the subject of the Energy Bill 2015/16, and its consequences for data managers.

Delegates spent an intense but rewarding day discussing the data management aspects of the bill, and identifying those actions that should be taken in 2016 to ensure its effective implementation.

Proceedings of the workshop are available on request by email to [email protected].


CDA & ECIM Joint Workshop: Data Management in a time of downturn – How to maximise value from Data Management

On 30th June 2015, data management leaders from UKCS operators, service providers, and consultancy organisations met at a workshop hosted jointly by CDA and ECIM to identify the role data management can play in increasing cost efficiency in the North Sea environment.

Mike Tholen, Oil & Gas UK’s economics director, provided delegates with insight into the current challenges the industry is facing and what the sector is doing to tackle its cost base and effectively improve efficiency. Speakers from Shell U.K Limited, Venture Information Management, New Digital Business, and Maersk North Sea each shared examples of how timely access to quality data, when effectively integrated into the oil and gas business value chain, yields step change improvements in cost efficiency.

Malcolm Fleming, Chief Executive of CDA, said: “Industry is doing all it can to ensure the sector is safe, competitive, and sustainable in a world of $60 oil, and collaborative data management plays a key role in increasing cost efficiency. Over the past 20 years, CDA estimates it has already saved over £250 million through providing a central resource for sharing, distributing and releasing sub-surface information. We must now look to extending this collaborative model to realise even greater cost savings across the full E&P lifecycle.”

Proceedings of the workshop are available for download.

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